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Kim, K., Jang, S., Kim, B., Kwon, H., Park, Y-W. muRedder: Shredding Speaker for Ephemeral Musical Experience, In Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2019, ACM Press (San Diego, USA, June 23-28, 2019), Honorable Mention Award, Top 2%

This project was conducted in collaboration between UNIST (S.Korea) and Loughborough Design School (UK).

MP3 music files, streaming service platforms, and digital devices have accelerated the transformation of musical experience becoming mobile and ubiquitous. This has allowed us to enjoy music with very little cost and effort in various situations. Music or audio often sits in our periphery unless we purposefully attend live concerts or shows. We designed muRedder to understand how people consider places and contexts when listening to music streams that have been offered with limited availability. Sound is naturally ephemeral; thus, we attempted to transform digital music into a transient media that offers a live experience in our everyday living environment. In so doing, we designed a novel speaker that disables “replay” by destroying a song-embedded paper ticket once it has been used. Moreover, we wanted to allow users to see the consumption process directly by aligning the duration of a song with the time it takes to shred the paper ticket. Knowing that the music can be played only once, we envisaged our design would bring a mindful and immersed music-consuming experience, from selection to listening and reflection.